Invisible Man

Book for this week?

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

For those of you who have taken some English courses, the book is definitely well-known. For those who have not taken any English courses, you should definitely read the book. It is one of these books you just have to read – a classic, or a must, of a contemporary literature.

Although the action of the book starts in the South, most of the crucial anecdotes take place in the New York City in 1930’s.

It’s the time of so-called Harlem Renaissance and the book covers a lot of issues associated with race.

The part taking care in New York, focuses on the main character, an unnamed African-American, who has arrived from the South and is about to start his career. After couple of unsuccessful but life-learning experiences, the main character becomes a member of the Brotherhood – a group committed to improve the conditions of Harlem.

From there the narrator is engaged in different activities, serving as a speaker for the Brotherhood, which in fact proves to be designed as a tool serving the white men.

At the end, the main character resurfaces and decides to come back to the society.


I really enjoyed reading the novel, and the summary above is indeed very narrow. However, what really is worth noticing is the fact of how the phenomenon of Invisible Man is still valid in our society, even nowadays. And it does not only pertain to the African-Americans, as each one of us sometimes is an invisible man – looking for one’s identity and place in the world…


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